Friday, January 21, 2011

Goodness gracious

I am going to have to blog more often or every post is going to take an hour to read. Once again, lots of things have been going on. On Wednesday I went to my first support group for bariatric patients. There was a lady there who was 30 days post-op and she lost 25 pounds. I really enjoyed the group and plan on going again. I'm so glad my daughter and mom went with me. They are a great encouragement. I totally loved the vibe of the group. There was a guy there who obviously didn't know what kind of surgery he signed up for. He complained about plateauing but was eating like he wanted to and blaming his daughter for it. Even my daughter said he was a goof. It was funny though when the group told him about himself. I'm blessed to have found a group that's in Canton and that I like.
Today, however, is a new day. I started the 800 calorie diet. I am hungry, tired, a bit irritable and yet, here I am watching the Food Network. To know me is to love me and my crazy thought patterns. I did have a small bite of my daughter's pizza. Last night I had the one thing that I crave, Little Caesar's Italian cheese bread. It was soooooooo good. But alas, this is all for the greater good. I just wish the greater good better.

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