Sunday, September 26, 2010


   Yes, I am one of those people who look up any and all information on a subject, almost to an irrational level. I have always been that way, it must be in my makeup. So I was curious to see what other bloggers are writing about their gastric bypass experience. What did I learn? That I'll never do that again!!!
   I found blogs about people who backslid from the program, gained weight back and then had amazing illness from the yo-yoing. I found a website completely devoted to problems from the surgery. Needless to say I am mortified. I will only look up the information given to me by the Cleveland Clinic doctors and staff. I have been very blessed to have dealt with great staff at the Cleveland Clinic. The only exception is the nurse I had before my meeting with the doctor. She was cranky and acted like she wanted to be anywhere but there. Everyone else has been beyond wonderful.
   The only issue I'm having now is if my insurance company will give the final ok for the surgery. During the informational session the nurse said that if we were in the room our insurance said yes. My mom also went to a session only to find out later that it wasn't covered for her because she is a retiree. I'm too afraid to call Aultcare to double check. Sad isn't it?

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