Monday, September 20, 2010

New ideas

Today I started implementing the things the dietitian told me to. I have to check my sugar twice daily, take chewable multi-vitamins, liquid vitamins and calcium citrate. I realized some very important things. Chewable vitamins are pretty gross. When counting to 30 (what I have to do before swallowing the liquid B12) it seems like its 30 minutes.
The most important thing I learned was that being accountable to someone other than me really sucks. I also have to keep a food journal so everything is in writing. I have really watched what I eat (most days) so that isn't a big deal it's just remembering to do it. Although it has made me think more about what time I eat and not to have 6 hour gaps in my eating. Oh well, guess it's all for the greater good.

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