Sunday, April 10, 2011


I just got home from a girls weekend. We did this last year and decided to try again. Friday afternoon through Saturday at noon is a fundraiser for Relay for Life. This year we stayed an extra night for more relaxation. This was an eye opening experience. Friday night I became a bit upset because I was watching my friends and others at my table eating huge portions of food with no problem. They were enjoying their lemonade and having fun. Here I sat with so little on my plate and no dessert. This was the first time I really mourned me not eating a huge portion of food. Saturday after the fundraiser we went into town for a bit of shopping. My one friend decided she wanted Chinese food so we went there. I could not find anything on the little menu and it caused me to tear up in frustration. Luckily I remembered seeing a small cafe around the corner and while they were waiting for their carryouts I went in. When we got back to the hotel and say down to eat, the food I ordered was way too greasy for me to eat. For lunch I ended up eating a couple pieces of the homemade bread. No protein. This was so hard and I really need to stop beating myself up for every little thing!!! One meal in weeks without protein is not going to derail me. I had a chicken breast for dinner last night and it was wonderful and full of protein. All is well again lol.

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